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It’s hard to believe that the Twin Towers fell ten years ago. To me it seems much more recent than that somehow. I remember that night so well - for most of us it was the daytime of course, but in the timezone I was in that day it was around 11pm at night that it all happened.

This fantastic picture of the 9/11 Memorial Site is very popular right now. It comes from @johndeguzman whose website you can find here.


I was very fond of the Twin Towers. I was up them three times, twice in 1996 and once in 1999. The view from the top was incredible, both day and night. Remarkably the only buildings anywhere near as tall were 40 blocks away in midtown - every other building downtown was totally dwarfed even though many were skyscrapers themselves.

The new memorial looks great, a fitting tribute to those who lost their lives that day.